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Artificial fertilisers harmful for human body, groundwater: Agriculture Scientist


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Jammu: An agricultural scientist has warned against the use of artificial fertilisers in the agricultural fields to get more produce stating that would have harmful effects on the human body and groundwater.

The use of modern techniques has given more produce to farmers and eased agricultural activities but it has given birth to multiple diseases.

The agricultural scientists term this situation as “alarming” while asking farmers to adopt old farming techniques for sustainability.

“The use of chemical fertilizers in the agricultural fields to get more produce has affected the human body and it has become the cause of major diseases like heart attacks etc,” Agricultural scientist, and In – Charge of Research Farm, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu (SKUAST-Jammu), Dr M. C. Dwivedi told Greater Kashmir.

Dwivedi said that “The chemical fertilizer has a history of around 50 to 60 years old only. However, for the last three years, the Government of India has been trying to motivate farmers to adopt natural farming/organic farming.”

“The modern style of farming with the use of chemicals has degraded the soil and the fields have become infertile,” he said while citing examples of the neighboring State of Punjab where this has become a problem for the farmers.

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He said that the Government of India has adopted a policy to promote organic farming and make people aware of natural farming by using natural fertilizers and insects which are beneficial for both humans and nature. Although it was not clear if any study is being carried out on the harmful effect of fertilizers on humans, the expert has also started working on organic farming to help the farmers.


“The artificial chemicals have been banned in many of foreign countries in view of their harmful effect on humans, natural resources and groundwater. Therefore, the Government of India has also initiated steps to motivate farmers to adopt natural ways of farming which would help them to protect the soil,” he added.

“In our research farm, 100 acres of land, we have started research on organic farming with the establishment of an organic farming unit. We want the farmers to return to old agricultural techniques. We work for the welfare of farmers and to boost their farming activities. Our unit is working on to guide farmers to return to organic farming,” he further said.

He said that “We provide free- of-cost seeds to the farmers and accordingly guide them in the process of cultivation in a separate piece of land which gives them good results. Though organic farming is a bit costly, it is beneficial for humans, water and the soil.”

He said that “The people are nowadays aware about the organic farm produce and hence, they buy such products even as they cost them more.” It may be recalled here that Jammu region’s rural belt even in the hilly villages has witnessed the adoption of modern farming with the use of tractors and artificial fertilizers as it made agricultural activities easier. It however poses a threat to the soil and groundwater.


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