Be healthy by opting for Organic food People are slowly switching to Organic foods over conventionally grown ones, none of the living organisms want chemical pesticides to interfere in the natural process. We to grow agricultural food products, we humans tend to mess with anything natural and alter the health of fellow human beings, animals, birds, etc. Thanks to the awareness …

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curry leaves

Avoid Pesticide Ridden Foods

Avoid pesticide-ridden foods and start consuming natural / organically grown foods to lead a healthy life. There is a well knitted nexus between pesticide companies, pharma industry, hospital chains, and insurance companies, these 4 lead us to a future where we do not want to head, but we are forced to lead their path thanks …

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Holu Coupons

We have launched Holu coupons, which are equivalent to a combination of store credits, discount coupons, and if you have accumulated enough points then you can even pay with Holus for your product shipping. 1 Holu is = Indian ₹5. Collect as many Holus as possible, your purchase of every ₹250 gets you 1 Holu. …

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Double Good Food

We at Double Good have launched two (2) value-added comprehensive bundle packs for visitors who may not be aware of the various types of Himalayan premium food products, if you are a food lover then this is for you. Himalayan Rajma pack – This pack has all the four premium Rajma (Kidney beans), Chakrata, Harsil, Joshimath, …

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kodo millet

Switch to Millets

Millets are grown naturally, unlike rice, wheat, and non-vegetarian products. Millets are known as positive grains, when you eat them you get all the positive effects, and also they make you disease free.