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5 Positive Millets Pack

(2 customer reviews)


5 Positive Millets Pack is 2 kg. (Each Millet 400g.) Millet is one of the few kinds of cereal that are grown without chemicals, and therefore it is of great use to the human body. Millets are the perfect replacement for Meat, Rice, and Wheat as a staple diet. Watch this video regarding this pack.


5 Positive Millets Pack

Many staple diets today call for wheat, rice, barley, and other grains that they claim are good for you. However, these grains are infested with pesticides, a non-vegetarian diet has ingestion of a lot of antibiotics and other chemicals that can harm your body.

Millets are nutrient-rich, have a lot more to offer than the names written above one of the few kinds of cereals grown without chemicals, and therefore are of great use to your body. The first ten (10) days of switching to millets from a non-vegetarian diet will immensely benefit the body, and get rid of negative energies, starting with constipation (which is said to be the biggest cause of all diseases), then will start filling you with positive energy. Continuous positive millet intake will get rid of all diseases from the body, no other diet fulfills all the requirements of the body than the positive five (5) millets. Few grains have a rich source of protein, dietary fiber, and several minerals and vitamins, it is a nutritious and healthy alternative to more common grains.

Millet also has a very low glycemic index, which will leave you feeling more active, whereas the higher glycemic index of other grains (wheat, barley, rice, etc.) will leave you feeling tired and sluggish because of the strain they put on your digestive system.

All millets are gluten-free, meaning that those with gluten allergies or those who simply want to go without gluten are free to partake of these delicious grains with no effect on their health.

Millet is used in many delicious recipes, so rest assured that everyone in your family can enjoy the food you prepare, with no side effects to their health or yours.

Video in Hindi हिन्दी मे वीडियो|

Five Positive Millets

There are several types of millet, but five common types are Barnyard, Browntop, foxtail millets, kodo millets, and Little millet. Eaten on alternate days, these five millets can provide all the needs of the body, without all the harmful chemicals of other grains. Each type of millet also has its own unique qualities that the others do not.
Barnyard millet contains a good amount of iron, which can aid vegetarians with their iron intake. Browntop millet is particularly high in fiber, contributing to a fuller feeling after meals, which aids in eating less. Foxtail millet is high in protein, which helps repair and replaces cells in the body. Kodo millet is rich in calcium, aiding in bone strength.
And lastly, Little millet is a great immune booster, helping to ward off illnesses. As a group, these five millets can provide nearly everything the body needs to function.

Millet Name Schedule to Eat Advantage Ideal for


Day 1 and 2

* Day 1

Liver, Spleen, Stomach related

छोटी कंगनी

Day 3 and 4

* Day 2

Digestive system


Day 5 and 6

* Day 3 and 4

Lungs, Nervous, Blood related To help in cure of Covid-19 Patients


Day 7 and 8

* Day 5 and 6

Immunity, Bone marrow (strong, clean), Limbs, Ligaments, Clean system with high fiber content Pre-Covid-19 to boost immunity


Day 9 and 10

* Day 7

For all sexual health issues of men and women hormones

* = In the Covid-19 period, it is better to have more Foxtail and Kodo millets.
These millets can be purchased from us in our 5 Millets Package. 5 Millets Pack, each package contains a 5 kilograms bag of each type of millet, with a combined weight of 25 kg.

You can be assured that our millets are grown, harvested, and packaged without any pesticides, antibiotics, or other chemicals. We take pride in the chemical-free growth of our grains and offer them to you with no doubts about their nutritional well-being.

5 Positive Millets

Soaking is important

Method 1 – Soak in water for 6-8 hours before cooking.

Method 2 – Overnight soaking is the best method.

Method 3 – Shade dry a few kilograms of the millets for a week, then take little portions and cook after soaking again for 30-45 mins.

How to eat?

You have to eat all three (3) meals of a day with one specific millet as per the table above, every second day you should change the millet, this fulfills all the requirements of the body.

Millets go very well with Organic Red Kidney Beans (Chakrata Rajma)

You can also buy from our store on Amazon

Watch this video to know more about millets. 

Weight 25 kg
Package Weight

400g x 5 Millets, 650g x 5 Millets, 1 Kg. x 5 Millets, 5 Kg. x 5 Millets, 10 Kg. x 5 Millets, 20 Kg. x 5 Millets, 50 Kg. x 5 Millets

2 reviews for 5 Positive Millets Pack

  1. Ritaban

    Good quality, love the product!!

  2. Arnab

    Millet diet is a long-term process, not that one switches to millets and he/she gets cured of diseases. The main drawback of millets is one cannot store them for more than 4-5 months as they may get damaged. Getting proper supply from a genuine source becomes all the more important, changing brands regularly will defeat the purpose too. I tried few brands but they seem to be a mix of unpolished ones with polished ones as they had a whitish tinge in them which is not right, I tried Double good millets, though I received the parcel a bit late, maybe it is because of covid restrictions but I must say the millets were pure, unpolished, and also great to taste.

    • doublegood

      Thanks for the appreciation and the ratings. 🙂

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