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Double Good Himalayan Pack


Double Good Himalayan Pack has all the organic food you need to boost your immunity. 4 Premium Himalayan Rajma, Dehradun Basmati 5 kgs., Reins dal, and masala. 


Double Good Himalayan Pack 

This pack contains all the natural and organic products from the Himalayas. There is a lot of difference between organic produce from the plain lands, the organic produce from the Himalayas. The Himalayas have a distinct advantage on this, the water streams flowing from the higher reaches of the Himalayas irrigate the farmlands, they come past the reserved forests, brushing past several herbs on the way so they have innumerable beneficial properties.

On the plain lands noble farmers convert their patch to organic farming, which is still irrigated by local water, not the pure crystal clear rivulets and streams as on the Himalayas, and on top of that the regions where we procure our produce had no use of chemical pesticides ever, so there is a vast difference in organic farming, the purest one being from the Himalayas.

How to improve immunity?

Double Good Himalayan Pack contains

Himalayan Products Natural / Organic Details Weight
Dehradun Basmati High Aroma | Long Grain 5 Kgs.
Kidney Beans – Chakrata Red | Chakrata – Jaunsar – Himalayan Origin 1 Kg.
Kidney Beans – Harsil Cream | Garhwal – Himalayan Origin 1 Kg.
Kidney Beans – Joshimath Creamish Pink | Garhwal – Himalayan Origin 1 Kg.
Kidney Beans – Munsiyari Blood Red | Kumaon – Himalayan Origin 1 Kg.
Himalayan Gram Reins Dal | Himalayan Origin 1 Kg.
Tickweed Jakhiya | Better than Cumin / Jeera for Taste 250g
Chilly Powder Mirchi Powder | Himalayan Origin 250g
Turmeric Powder Haldi Powder    | Himalayan Origin 250g

We have covered all the bases with this pack, all the four premium Rajmas of the Himalayas, a Himalayan dal, the world’s best Organic Basmati (Dehradun Basmati), and the masala for you to cook the best organic way possible.  Organic Dehradun Basmati and Organic Rajma is the best Himalayan combination, you can try and feel on the Himalayas by having them together.


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 130 cm

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