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"Double the Goodness"

"Double the Goodness"


Indra Dev Basmati


Indra Dev Basmati (hand-sorted grains), the ultimate of all aromatic organic Dehradun Basmati rice, unmatched fragrance, feel, and texture one can ever imagine. A Himalayan product from Double Good.

Indra Dev Basmati

Just as the Lord of Lords was Indra, the emperor of all rice varieties is Indra Dev Basmati. The lord is said to have a high quality of living, having visited the Himalayas where the rice grows, it is named in the honor of the Lord. This variety surpasses all rice in its natural aroma, feel, and texture. The aroma is such that without drumming you will be inviting neighbors to your home.

In the Hindi language “Bas” and “mati” translates to ingrained fragrance. Once cooked the rice grain elongates to double the size. You will never find this rice in the local markets as it is sold exclusively by Double Good.

  • Hand-sorted grains
  • Unpolish cleaned by hand (to get you all the nutrients intact)
  • Maximum fragrance (Aroma)
  • Jute bag packing, best for ventilation

The minimum purchase is 3 kilograms, try it and feel the ultimate premium Basmati rice can bring to you and your family. The rice goes very well with premium organic Himalayan Rajma


Weight 3 kg

3 Kgs., 9 Kgs., 15 Kgs., 30 Kgs.


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